Wednesday Night – Dubtribe Sound System

Originally born from a live set written for a show called “snow-e-bear” so long ago now that a name like that sounded fun at the time. The MMT-8’s had crashed again, and it was time for new music. So the theme of the set was “Who Needs The Weekend?” The songs eventually became the source material for the album “Bryant Street.” This song was an instant classic. At the actual debut, some cables were not working, Moonbeam was back behind the racks trying to fix them, and Sunshine was trying to help from the front of the rack. 5-10 minutes went by while the bass, drums and keys for Wednesday Night had been just looping. When they crawled out from under their equipment, the room was going completely crazy. Dubtribe learned something about repetition and looping that day. Completely by accident.

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