Versions – Dubtribe Sound System

This is the lost album. I suppose everyone has a “lost album” but this one was literally lost. The songs on Versions came from the live sets performed between 1993 and 1994. These were originally huge, warehouse style tracks. The tour was booked, the album was nearly done, and Organico was set to release the album. A simple hard drive mistake wipe a year’s work away in about 2 seconds. The album was lost. Dubtribe toured without a release, and Organico never released the reworked version of Versions. This album was recorded the following winter after a very long, hard tour, and a lot of soul searching to re-find themselves. The interstitials on this album were performed by Adnan Sharif, Chadwick Justin Minor, Giancarlo Belloli, and Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones.

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1 – Radio Intro

2 – Night At Chez Mollet

3 – Path – Interstitial

4 – DUBwise

5 – Funky Back Home

6 – If You’re Not The DUB

7 – Southern Version

8 – Find A Better Way

9 – Interview – Interstitial

10 – Bahmba Ding! – Version Tropicale

11 – If you’re not coming back to me

12 – Link – Interstitial

13 – Tantrium

14 – Renegade Stylee

15 – Love Shampoo – Interstitial

16 – Love and Unity