Sound System – Dubtribe

The debut album from Dubtribe. Originally released on Organic out of Chicago this album is a pure document of the first year of Dubtribe Sound System. Written in a closet, performed all across the US and Canada, Dubtribe were born in the dark, on a dance floor, and came alive in a warehouse as a purely live, completely analog live performance. In 1992 there simply were no other live bands. Some people did a “Live PA” but that always meant they were going to pantomime to a DAT tape. Dubtribe went to a lot of effort for a very long time – Not because they were purists, but because it was so much fun.

This is the album version of Sound System. The songs are presented in a semi-mixed format. It’s probably best to buy the whole thing and listen to it in order. If you’re looking for the extended play versions of the songs, we recommend picking up the 12″ Single versions as well.

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2 – A Little Sun

3 – Sunshine’s Theme

4 – So Much Love

5 – Deep Soul

6 – Hold Your Head Up High

7 – The Love Theme From Dubtribe

8 – Eighty East

9 – Acceleration

10 – Mother Earth

11 – EXIT

12 – So Much for Love