Selene Songs – Dubtribe Sound System

Dubtribe’s second full length album. This is the “ambient” album which was actually a document of the live performances done beside Cosmique Jason Walker at their monthly residency at the Come-Unity party in San Francisco. The album was originally completed almost immediately following ‘Sound System’ in 1993 – as it was also a live document rather than a “studio recording” per se – But it was not actually released on Organico until the spring of 1994. In addition to the ambient performances at home, Dubtribe began doing live improvisations at alternative nights, ambient gatherings, and chill rooms in addition to their main floor sets as the result of these experiments.

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1 – Memory – part one

2 – Sunshine’s Theme – Sunshine’s Remix

3 – Desert Moon

4 – Quiet Earth

5 – Sting Ray – Version

6 – Deep Flute Dub

7 – Selene’s Song