Situationist Edition 1A-D Limited Edition T-shirts

Special Limited Edition Situationist Internationale T-shirt collection is now available in the shop
These shirts are a new process, each shirt is printed over the entire shirt, front and back, and come in a new unisex style shirt – Check it
This edition is limited to 25 shirts per style, per size. When they are gone, they are gone.
So get them and wear them with love while you can! Enjoy!

You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Free Download

Here’s a gift for you: Sunshine Jones did a sweet re edit of David Joseph’s garage classic ‘You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)’ the other day and we’ve got a link for you to read all about it, listen to it, dig it, and download it.
Nothing fancy, just beautifully leveled, re syncopated to a nice and tight 118 bpm, and the track is treated with a modern arrangement – but all the beautiful garage is left in for your love and praise of the original artist. We thought it was high time you stopped hiding your love (and maybe even way past time you even thought you ever could.)

Enjoy baby

Sunshine Jones – Bélle Âme Électronique – Out Now!

November 11th 2012
King Street/Nite Grooves releases Sunshine Jones’ 3rd Solo Album
Available now on iTunes, Beatport and better record shops worldwide!
There are at the moment no plans to release this album on Vinyl or CD. King Street report that “if” sales are healthy for the digital version then they will press a limited quantity on CD. Singles will also follow. So please support! xo

Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls – OUT NOW ON COSMIC DISCO

It’s been a long road, but you can at last order your digital copy of Sunshine Jones Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls new full length album on iTunes today.

Here is the link

HEAVEN & Miracles OUT NOW ON Whiskey Disco

I’ve got good news for you baby. Sunshine Jones’ re edits of Heaven and Miracles are out now on special limited editiion 10″ vinly!
Whiskey Disco number 10 is limited edition 10″ vinyl featuring Sunshine Jones’ Re Edit of HEAVEN on the A side, and MIRACLES on the B Side.
It’s a beautiful thing to see vinyl enjoying a bit of a revival.
Such inspirational times!
Pick up your copy here baby.


We’ve got a few t-shirts in the shop now, and they come in colors!
Here’s how it works:
You buy the shirt you want, and choose whatever color you like. There’s not an endless stream of color choices, it’s totally up to you.
Once you’ve bought the shirt, then let us know – either in the additional information box at checkout, or via email – which color you want and we’ll make the shirt you need just for you.
We’re stocking men’s and women’s sizes from S – XXL, but if you need a 4XL or a tank top, we can do that too. Just talk with us and we’ll sort it out!

Sunday Soul Archives

We’ve added a few Sunday Soul Archives to the shop and are looking at how to best weild these 5 hour sets. There’s been some confusion about it. Most people expect to receive a download link automatically from us the moment they purchase the file. It doesn’t work that way.

What happens after you buy an archive: We send you a link personally, shortly after the transaction goes through, for a direct download of the mp3 file, the original artwork, and sometimes more. It’s not automatic. So when you score an archive, sit tight and we’ll send you your link the very moment we receive confirmation.

This has changed

As of February’s Sunday Soul archive, you can now purchase and download without any required interaction from us! So you just make your donation and download the file. Done.

Lotsa New Stuff

I’ve been working day and night to encode and package up releases for the store here. I’ve introduced some Dubtribe catalog – some of which have either never before been available, or have been out of print for quite a while. I’m especially excited about the Funky Back Home single, the Rideline Single, and the Mother Earth original release, and the remixes!

I’ve worked out a way to offer up Sunday Soul archives here. The archives still need me to send you the link personally because those transmissions are huge, and I can’t keep them here. I loaded up a few recent archives as well as a couple of really interesting ones from the past too. I’ll keep at it and continue to bring the one’s that have really reached me, but if you’ve got a favorite you’re after, please let us know.

I’ve gotten a chance to load up Fall Down, Higher, and This Love from Sunshine Jones and as much as we actually really like all the releases mixed together, there seemed to be some need for clarity. So I coded in some navigation for you to be able to better find what you’re looking for. Ultimately what I’m working for here is preparations for the actual release of Sunshine Jones’ Gas Masks & Crazy Girls album. It’s been a long time coming, and I think we’ve abandoned the ideas we had of working with another label to release it. As much as Sunshine deserves broad distribution, good promotion, and vinyl for this release, it just seems like things being what they are in the world of the “record” and the “album,” that it’s actually best to just keep it here at home and give these projects the love they really deserve.

T-shirts on the way!

Did you know that Treehouse Muzique make baad-ass t-shirts? Well don’t feel bad, practically no one knew. We were so stealthy about hiding everything we do that you aren’t alone. But that’s all over now. We have streamlined the process, standardized the prices, lowered the cost, and made it easier to load up new shirts, and new styles and get them out to you more quickly and efficiently.

Over the next day or two we will be loading up all the t-shirts we make and you will be able to choose from the basic tee, the woman’s cut tee, and more. In some cases the color will be entirely optional, so not only can you score our bitchin designs, but you can customize them too.

Beta Gone Live

As of this afternoon Treehouse Muzique has gone live in beta form. We’ve spent the last week or so learning, coding, and working very hard to install, design, and test this new code. Everything is not up yet, but we felt it might be more important to get back up and running while we work out the details, and post up all the products.

Essentially what we’ve done is abandoned the antique formats we were holding on to. So gone is the message board, gone is the blog style essay format, and gone is the cryptic-but-beautiful navigation and the old idea that if you really care, well then you’ll take the time to figure it out. Instead we’ve undertaken a new mantra – function=form.

We wil be working around the clock to load up the new digital releases, the dubtribe and imperial dub catalogs, our used vinyl collection, launch new vinyl releases, cross reference all the releases which we have been participating in, and more… Enjoy!

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