Mother Earth Remixes – Dubtribe Sound System

Mother Earth was Dubtribe’s first single. It took about a year, but eventually it was playing in every warehouse and at every rave all over the world. The remixes were Dubtribe’s first opportunity to re examine themselves and follow up on the strong words, and powerful sentiment they had been eliciting and soliciting. The first three mixes were reworks done by Sunshine. The last three are a look at this track by friends and comrades who were close to home.

Check out the original version of Mother Earth here

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1 – Mother Earth – Sunshine’s Remix featuring DJ Collage

2 – Mother Earth – Sunshine’s Ammunition Remix

3 – Mother Earth – Sunshine’s Reclaim Your House Nation Remix

4 – Mother Earth – Simon Remix

5 – Mother Earth – Freaky Chakra Remix

6 – Mother Earth – Velocette Remix