Garage Classics – Various Artists

I was in New York City at the end of the 80’s when this collection landed in my hands. Right off the street and into my discman (yes I looked to be sure there was really a CD inside, and yes I had the orange foam headphones.) At the time I had no idea what it was, and I had never heard any of these songs before. A street corner bootleg that turned out to be completely life changing. Let it change your life – somebody pass me a tambourine I think I’m in love!

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1 – Keep On – Dub

2 – Beat The Street

3 – I Need You Now

4 – Let No Man Put Asunder

5 – Don’t Make Me Wait

6 – Xpansions

7 – Love Has Come Around

8 – Timewarp

9 – Without You

10 – Weekend

11 – Disco Circus

12 – It’s You

13 – Twilight – Remix

14 – Love & Happiness