El Regalo De Amor – Dubtribe Sound System

Originally released as Guidance 41, Regalo De Amor is a mid set anthem from 1998. As the music for the Bryant Street album began to come together, Moonbeam sat down with Doc Martin’s girlfriend on a terrace in the Hollywood hills and translated lyrics together and spoke in Spanish about the meaning of the words, and how to best say what she was trying to express. It was a beautiful thing to witness. ‘What you feel in your heart makes you happy’ was the second track Sunshine ever produced without looping, or editing. The track is played in traditional disco dub fashion – dub first, song second, and stands as one of his favorite personal productions to date. We will probably miss Guidance Recordings forever, but we will never ever forget the magic of Rob and Ivan.

From the album Bryant Street

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El Regalo De Amor – Dubtribe Sound System

What You Feel In Your Heart Makes You Happy – Dubtribe Sound System

El Regalo De Amor – Instrumental Version – Dubtribe Sound System