DPMD – Dubtribe Sound System

A collection of polyrhythmic and repetitive tracks to break down the tension or to build up the rooms collective energy. ‘Don’t Put Me Down’ is a previously unreleased Dubtribe track from post ‘Baggage’ but pre “final tour” era. The message is clear, and the bass is deep. ‘One/Oct down’ was a 1997 experiment with drum and bass rhythm. The loop was expressed through a filter and a random beat generator, the music is magically electro. Finally ‘Don’t Neva Stop’ is a feature of the current live set, and it builds the room up and makes way for the rest. A fine collection of unreleased, and odd tracks that are like secret weapons for you.

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Don’t Put Me Down – Dubtribe Sound System

One/Oct Down – Dubtribe Sound System

Don’t Neva Stop – Dubtribe Sound System