Do It Now – Dubtribe Sound System

Do It Now was originally intended to be Dubtribe’s final single. In the winter of 2001 things really needed to change, but there didn’t seem to be any hope of them changing without some kind of magical intervention. This was a kind of a love letter between dear friends, a whisper from the sweet spot of the dance floor to open up your heart and see if maybe there wasn’t something there worth living for. There was. This wonderful song was celebrated on countless compilations, and in endless DJ sets. From the darkest places, love comes shining in to save the day. Ah, sweet idealism.

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1 – Do It Now – 12″ Single Version

2 – Do It Now – Sunshine’s Deeptech Remix

3 – Do It Now – Vocal Dub

4 – Do It Now – Under 8 Minute Mix

5 – Do It Now – Acapella Version

6 – Do It Now – Bonus Beats