Bryant Street – Dubtribe Sound System

Dubtribe’s Fourth full length album release. The 1999 album which summarized the period between 1995 and 2001 for Dubtribe Sound System. This album was largely written on tour, and performed to millions of people. Then, for the first time since they began, Sunshine and Moonbeam went into the studio and closed the door. Previous albums had been recorded as live performances, and Bryant Street marks the debut of traditional studio work for Dubtribe. Many people collaborated to create this recording, and to cooperate in the tours which followed to support it. It was a long time coming, and a true labor of love.

This is the album version of Bryant Street. The songs are presented in a semi-mixed format. It’s probably best to buy the whole thing and listen to it in order. If you’re looking for the extended play versions of the songs, we recommend picking up the 12″ Single versions as well.

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1 – Hasta Luego Mi Hermano

2 – Samba DUB

3 – No Puedo Estar Despierto

4 – El Regalo De Amor

5 – Wednesday Night

6 – Feelin’ Allright Now

7 – Equitoreal

8 – Loneliness In DUB

9 – Ain’t Gonna Do You No Good

10 – Holler!

11 – Breeze…

12 – If You’re Not Coming Back To Me