Baggage – Dubtribe Sound System

Dubtribe’s fifth full length album release. This 2003 album contains the single “Do It Now” which is by far Dubtribe’s most successful single. Baggage is a very personal album, the first time Sunshine and Moonbeam ever really paused to consider themselves, their relationship, and how they may have arrived in this moment now. Definitely an album worth listening to more than once, and letting it happen inside of you.

This is the album version of Baggage. The songs are presented in a semi-mixed format. It’s probably best to buy the whole thing and listen to it in order. If you’re looking for the extended play versions of the songs, we recommend picking up the 12″ Single versions as well.

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1 – Shakertrance

2 – Freeway

3 – Autosoul

4 – This is the time

5 – Raggatronique

6 – Rideline

7 – Nothing Is Impossible

8 – The rhythm in your mind

9 – Lo disco

10 – Make me stronger

11 – Do it now