About Treehouse Muzique

Treehouse Muzique was originally a response. Times were tough and we chickened out and retreated to the second floor and called it a treehouse. Mostly because we’d never lived above the ground floor before (always a basement flat, or a first floor apartment.) The studio became a refuge where output, exploration, and experimentation became the mission who’s only object was to rediscover and re-inspire our love of electronic music.

We produce and develop beautiful electronic soul music that we call bélle âme électronique. We re-edit brilliant soul tunes and horrible rock records. We remix amazing records to forge something deeper and more personal. We rework house tracks and make them our own.

We’re not scared of you. We believe in you

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Sunshine Jones

Sunshine has been producing electronic music since 1985, he lives in San Francisco, and frustrates us to no end because he insists on calling absolutely everything and anything you can syncopate “house music” and closes his eyes and smiles when we start dividing everything up into sub-genres. He performs live worldwide as a King Street Sounds recording artist, broadcasts a monthly digital transmission called Sunday Soul, and never stops touring with Dubtribe. The best gig of his life was at Deep Space in New York City, at Cielo, with FK. The second best gig is a tie without about 20 other amazing nights.

His discography includes production credits on more than 200 12″ singles, 25 full length albums.
His remix, rework, and re edit credits include more than 100 titles.
He has released 9 full length albums with Dubtribe Sound System and 3 solo albums as Sunshine Jones.

He’s not scared of you either.

Never Knows

Purposefully unsettling, and at times euphoric, Never Knows produces a unique music that snatches multiple influences from the past and deftly contextualizes them into future dilemmas. The project also practices conflict, pitting an allegiance to the dance floor against the need for subtle, thought-provoking soundscapes; or the pursuit of an ‘art’ versus a disposition towards more primal or visceral efforts. Most importantly, Never Knows makes music … cold, synthesized music that becomes warm through heartfelt purpose. There is a method to the madness, and all of these contradictions snuggly fit together to form an unexpected and always intriguing sound.

Never Knows is the proprietor of the cult experimental electronic label Untitled & After (“it wants to be the 4AD of techno”). Tracking forward, Never Knows cites sixties minimalism, seventies Krautrock, eighties goth, nineties shoegaze, and the last decade’s sharpened techno output as present influences. Never Knows is a potent live act, having already transported its wires and computers to dark, dingy nightclub basements in the bay area for its sonic experiments. In either setting Never Knows produces tracks that are atmospheric and moody, dense and deep, and also rhythmic and throbbing. It’s compellingly dark body music, a reminder that the nightclub is a site for rituals best performed at night.

Tre Damit

Tre is a contributing remixer for Treehouse Muzique. A lion-hearted man from Columbia SC who’s weekly transmission – The Damit Show – rocks 90hz.org with style

It seemed like yesterday when in the early 90’s Tre was reborn to become a part of the house music scene in the southeast, his passion for music,dance and production brought him face to face with some of the greatest names in dance music. It is his tireless efforts in finding an eclectic mix of sounds and tracks has molded and shaped who he is as a dj today . Tre with roots in rock,reggae,punk metal,soul,disco and hip hop patiently waited for his muse to inspire him to play , and when he did that’s when the flood of countless dance floors,dj’s,club nights and all his influences came rushing forward to inspire him to bring the sound you hear from him today. Every experience is all there and through this great passion for sound laid the platform for him to be graciously adopted into the 90hz family. There at no time has someone been more prepared to share his musical experiences to the world,and each set will leave you wondering where will he take us next. The organic progression into music production was only a matter of time, with several remixes under his belt and future collaborations along with original work in progress. This Carolinas native might very well be at a night club near you soon.

Jon Brown

A visionary, a brilliant organizer, coder, programmer, music lover, and former mayoral candidate for Charleston SC, Jon Brown is a dear friend, a talented man, and a loving father and husband.

Jon Brown is a contributing re editor to Treehouse Muzique. His one and only production is proudly here in our shop. All of the proceeds of his work go directly to him.

He currently lives in Katmandu, Nepal.


Hailing from the Pacific NW, a region of the world that has no electronic sound of it’s own, Futurewife aggregates feelings and grooves from the rest of the world to construct a sound that can only be called… electronic. Along with Treehouse Musique, Futurewife has released tracks on Immersed Audio (UK), Mortar & Pestle (Glasgow/Paris), Salon Acapulco (Mexico) and Indo Silver Records (Germany). He is co-founder of Freqnote Radio and one of the first artists of the SoDo warehouse scene to take off, albeit not in Seattle. He is a child of the intellectual property revolution and doesn’t believe in the right to patents or copyright, thus, he has released the majority of his work for free under a Creative Commons license.